Natasia Breton


Cocoa Culture

Thesis Statement

Cocoa Culture

Chocolate is a food that has been a central point of interest in our history, starting several centuries ago. What is otherwise a simple sweet has been booming as a multi billion dollar industry for decades, yet many what makes it so appealing to the masses? Why are we so obsessed, and does our obsession come with a price? My Capstone presents a look behind the scenes of the famous confection, and how it has made its way into our culture.

How is this confection created, and where did it come from? How has it evolved in our culture’s history? While there are improvements, how conscious are we of industry practices? How can we encourage fairer cacao farming and trade? These are some of the questions suggested through this Capstone.


Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Fine Artist
Working with a wide range of media to create graphics, from photography to illustration, painting and digital media.