Kenneth Tyler

Team Shift

Shifting the car scene to be an inclusive and inspiring community

Thesis Statement

Team Shift

I have created a car enthusiast brand called Team Shift. I wanted to combine my design expertise and my deep-rooted passion for modified cars to make something that could reach others with the same interests. For Team ShiftI have created a logo and a brand vision. I’ve also built a website for Team Shift to live. This website tells about Team Shift and its mission as well as give you a look at some of the things Team Shift is doing.

Team Shift is about being inclusive and inspiring people who are interested with the modified car scene. Different from most car groups Team Shift focuses on the attitudes and philosophies of the group members not so much on the vehicles they drive. Team Shift members are leaders in an effort to Shift the car scene to be an open community for anyone interested.


VSE Tuning
Graphic Designer/Brand Manager
Responsible for creating and updating graphics and visuals representing the company brand. Use of the Adobe creative suite to create compelling graphics. Shooting photography and videography to update and interest potential and current clients.