Taryn Ballentine

Taryn Ballentine

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Thesis Statement

Look Twice, Save a Life

Motorcycle accidents occur all too often. According to Trial Justice Lawyers, roughly 75% of all motorcycle accidents involve the motorcyclist and another car. Of these, most are consequences of the motorist failing to see the motorcyclist in turning, lane-changing, merging or moving through an intersection. I intend to raise awareness to motorists of the importance of alertness while driving, specifically in regards to noticing motorcyclists, in a local setting. Through various souvenirs, such as stickers, air fresheners, and hoodies that appeal to both the motorist and the motorcyclist, I hope to encourage drivers to conduct their endeavors with attentiveness by use of these little reminders.


Pixel Bakery
One-time Assistant
Assisted in filming a small budget music video in Kansas City, KS under supervision and direction of Jordan Lambrecht, Co-CEO of Pixel Bakery. Interacted with client and extras, manned camera, constructed and deconstructed equipment as needed on the scene, and  observed various shooting techniques.


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MACAA Conference 2018 - Lincoln, NE-