Chas Hyman

Paradise, 2022, Colored Pencil and Oil Pastel on Strathmore Toned Paper, 46×46″

Chas Hyman

[BFA] Painting

My work examines the harsh nature of the low-income American environment where nothing is permanent. Ever changing, constantly in the process of being destroyed, altered, or gentrified, young black women take up space, surrounded by their unforgiving background. Despite the elements that hint to poverty and hardships, the women in my work own the space they occupy. Yet, this is not to offer the “strong black woman” trope. Adversity relating to socioeconomic status has led to the death, impairment, and illness of generations of black people, and we see this in the knowing pain of their eyes. This collage pays respect to the black communities who have suffered under the grim circumstances of capitalism and institutionalized racism.


Born and raised in North Carolina, Chas makes large collages featuring young black women. Her work portrays the realities of living in a low-income environment. She is interested in the phenomena within these environments, referencing her own personal experiences and those of her loved ones. Chas’s work has been recognized and supported by black cultural icons such as Tyler, The Creator, Rico Nasty, and FKA Twigs. Chas’s work was included in the 35th Annual Undergraduate Juried Exhibition (2021), where she received the Dean’s Purchase Award. She has also exhibited work in Future Tense at Kiechel Fine Art (2022) and Abierto at Tugboat (2022). Chas will earn her BFA with an emphasis in drawing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in December 2022.