3 Drawings Collage

Act of Contrition

Demon Baby

Lower Torso Relic

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Everlasting Covenant

Holy as Punk

Made with Love

Mon Dieu

Mon Esprit est Saint

This is Only Temporary

Touched By the Hand of God

Who You Are

Damned if I do, Damned if I don’t

This is My Body, This is My Blood

Who Art in Heaven

Asher Rey (Berard)

[MFA] Studio Art

Emphasis: Painting/Drawing

Asher Rey (Berard) is an artist with a BFA in painting from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and is working on their MFA at UNL in Studio Art, with a double emphasis in Painting/Drawing and Sculpture. Asher has a diploma and teacher certification in dance and has used their background to choreograph during their undergraduate and graduate experiences. They are still heavily influenced by performative art in retrospect to their current body of work which conceptualizes divinity and empowerment through their queer experience while they existed within a conservative Catholic lens.