Stacking Up, watercolor pencil on wood, 2021

Losing Track, watercolor pencil and oil on wood, 2021

Red, digital, 2021

Beau Yoesel

Beau Yoesel is an artist currently earning their BFA at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, planning to graduate in 2023. They enjoy making art in every medium, focusing mostly on digital, colored pencil, and ink, and love to focus on textures and colors in their style. They are interested in making comics and graphic novels to tell stories that draw people in through a diverse and intriguing cast of characters, as well as creating standalone illustrations. Their art is highly inspired by their experiences as a queer and disabled person. Yoesel achieved a Scholastic Gold Key and several Scholastic Silver Keys for their artwork in 2019, and had work shown in Hixson-Lied’s 35th Annual Juried Undergraduate Exhibition in 2022.