Chloe Kuckelman

My name is Chloe Kuckelman and I am an artist, creator, and maker. I specialize in graphic design, branding/advertising, typography, and photography and have a strong passion for all things creative. I have submitted three separate projects that I have done at my time at the University of Nebraska. One of the projects is a custom typeface I created for my Typography II class. The other project was also for my Type II class and it involved creating a book comprising of a collection of something, such as music or poetry. For this project, I chose to do the album Gold-Diggers Sound by singer Leon Bridges. The third project was for my Graphic Design II class and it involved designing and constructing a new McDonald’s Happy Meal experience. I chose to design a gluten free happy meal since there are many people who have gluten allergies that need accommodations at fast food chains. All of these projects are my personal expressions of creativity and they were done using a variety of digital and physical methods, such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Procreate.