Dani O’Keefe

My name is Dani O’Keefe, I am a non-binary illustrator, painter, and animator here at UNL looking to blur the lines of gender in my work and storytelling. I grew up in Omaha, always knowing I wanted to pursue art professionally. I work mostly online, maintaining several portfolio, commission, and physical order accounts via Instagram, Fiverr, and Redbubble. I’ve participated / am participating in several “re-animated” projects across the internet; where independent animators come together and recreate pieces of animation. I am also working on a commission of two 30”x45” paintings for a friend in Boston. They are painted versions of the album covers for Blonde and How I’m Feeling Now by Frank Ocean and Charli XCX, respectively. My dream is to eventually make a name for myself in the animation industry and try my hand at directing or show running.


Razzle Pizzazz