Gushing, 8″x4″x2″, red earthenware and slip cast white earthenware

Suck My Dick Bowl, 8″x7″x1.5″, red earthenware

Your Mom Must Be So Proud Platter, 18″x8″x1″, stoneware and gold luster

Emily Mulvaney

[BFA] Ceramics

Emily Mulvaney is currently a junior working towards her BFA with an emphasis in ceramics at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.  She was born in Wichita, Kansas but did not stay there for too long as her family moved around quite often due to the fact of being in a military family.  Her love for the arts started at a young age but did not flourish until predominantly high school once more involved art classes were available.  Currently, her body of work is focusing mainly on topics dealing with female and feminist issues in society such as the objectification of women and the idea of “reclaiming the pinup”.  Through the use of ceramic sculpture and highly decorated functional pottery she creates elegant and sometimes jarring imagery meant to resonate and stir up conversation amongst viewers.