Art Deco Dinnerware, a stoneware plate, bowl, and cup inspired by Frank Lloyd Write and the “Art Deco” style of the 1920s.

Journey, A plate with a surface inspired by 2D platform video games such as Super Mario Bros and the notion of moving forward through a queer environment.

Melancholia, A surreal, expressionist oil painting depicting the land of Melancholia. Reminiscent of the illustration in my old children’s books, this painting references some of the complex and
contrasting feelings I have about the place I grew up.

Kate Askey

[BS] English

[BA] Ceramics

I grew up in Trumbull, Nebraska, and I am currently pursuing a degree in English and Studio Art with an emphasis in ceramics. As a queer artist, I draw inspiration from my upbringing in a rural town and the isolation that came with it. Although this was often an adverse experience, I recognize the unique perspective it has provided me. In my practice I wish to portray the states of mind I’ve come to understand and the wisdom I’ve gained as a result of having so much time to reflect. I most enjoy producing work that’s illustrative and/or abstracted, and I am looking forward to continuing to familiarize myself with the medium of clay.