Nico Sepahpur

[BA] Graphic Design

My name is Nico Sepahpur, I am 20 years old and a second year student currently pursuing a BA in Graphic Design at the University of Nebraska. I’ve always enjoyed drawing and illustration, however, I have recently been practicing more typography work. I really enjoy the combination of illustration and typography in graphic design, and it’s something that I’ve been  exploring in my own work.

In the brief for this class project we were tasked to rebrand the famous McDonald’s ‘Happy Meal’ and create an experience for the consumer. Immediately I wanted to create something fun and interactive. I personally loved playing games on boxes as a kid, which led me to the theme of Puzzle Day, which occurs on January 29th. I was committed to making the art on the box my own, but was inspired by the illustrations of Steve Harrington, and Mike Perry.

To create an experience, there are puzzles scattered through the components of the packaging. Puzzle #1 and #2 act sequentially, where Puzzle #1 reveals the ‘X’ that is the destination in the Puzzle #2 maze. However, this design is flexible in that kids could still simply enjoy tracing paths to different parts of the maze without actually completing the first puzzle. Finally, Puzzle #3 which contains a riddle that may be slightly more challenging. I felt that this challenge may be a good way to involve parents/guardians that may want to play along and make the overall experience more inclusive.

The illustrations on the box are created using Procreate, and the type and other graphics were done in Adobe Illustrator. Finally, components were carefully combined in Adobe Indesign and then photos were edited in Photoshop.