Allison Achtenhagen

[BFA] Printmaking

[Minor] Psychology

 With this thesis, I am presenting two bodies of work. September-by-Day, a series of thirty linocuts, looks to invented landscapes to explore mental health. Completed over a month, each individual print acts as a daily recording, symbolizing my various headspaces. The collective set of three- by four-inch gestural prints creates a sequence representing the passage of September. 

F.E. Home, a printed book, looks to memories of my grandparents’ home to reflect on the importance of family and the ties we feel to the spaces we grow up in. Much of who I am as a person and artist comes from a deep connection to my family. With this handmade five- by seven-inch accordion book as a point of departure, I have created images of this environment as an attempt to reconnect with family after the loss of my grandparents, Fern and Edd McCartney. 

With September-by-Day and F.E. Home, I am interested in how transitions, narratives, nature, and symbolism in environments deal with aspects of time, whether it be the daily practice of printing or looking into the past to understand one’s own future. 


 Emily Salisbury is an artist from Lincoln, Nebraska and received her Bachelor of Fine Art with a psychology minor from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2021. She primarily works in printmaking, creating intaglio and relief prints that explore images of environments both natural and invented and the interactions that occur within each.