Joselyn Andreasen

Joselyn Andreasen looks up to her father who is skilled in many aspects of knowing the ground and the affect weather has on possibilities for life on a farm. Joselyn’s mother, who tended to an outstanding garden throughout her childhood, passed her green thumb along to her daughter. Joselyn has much to owe to her parents and the farm she grew up on that gave her understanding of what being immersed in a cultivated landscape can do for the soul and imagination. She would try to imagine what her environment could look like with native prairie and land untouched by humans rather than rows of neatly planted seeds. She grew up surrounded by Earth that has been torn apart to an extent that would take a century to return to its natural state. This is why she wants to commit her life to making art that focuses on the beautiful aspects of cultivation.

            She has an emphasis in painting; however, she has taken the same amount of printmaking classes as she has for her emphasis. The two mediums work congruently for her to achieve artwork that relates information of environment and mood to the viewer. Her interest in plants and the way that weather affects a landscape are a common theme throughout her artwork. Most commonly, she will produce a watercolor or oil painting that will transform through printmaking process’s that alters and further investigates the relationship between color and natural occurrences of pattern found within nature. These patterns have been worked through countless times until she finds a way for lines and shapes to flow from her hand in a way that is comfortable and seamless. The leaves she makes, the branches, and the rocks that are interwoven throughout her artwork are a part of an index that she develops based off what appeals the most to her in surroundings environments.