Jacob Kelly

My name is Jacob Kelly, and I am a second-year Graphic Design student. My work is mostly rooted in digital design and Animation, I also try to keep my hands in the physical art world as well. I commonly try to tie my design back to things that interest me and keep me motivated, whether its illustration, the outdoors, movies, etc.

DODOs Cover Redesign
A redesign of the album cover art “Visiter” by The Dodos.

Taking to the Skies: A Guide to Flying for Flightless Birds
Tasked with creating an instructional poster I chose to create a poster for flightless birds by educating people (and flightless birds) on different methods of flight along with the pros and cons of each method. I decided to create a more lighthearted parody of airport poster designs.

Happy Meal-Comic Mashup
Combining a traditional McDonald’s Happy Meal with the design style of classic Golden and Silver age superhero comics to create a non-linear narrative experience for the user.

Diablicos Sucios Mask – Clay Sculpture
As a celebration of my heritage, I created my own rendition of a Diablicos Sucios clay mask from the Corpus Christi event in Panama. The mask worn by street dancers during the event is traditionally representative of “Dirty Devils”, or those with sin.