Dylan Wonder – Studio

Dylan Wonder

[BA] Sculpture

[BA] Graphic Design

My work is focused on creating furniture that can serve multiple purposes. From modular systems that can be adapted to any need, to putting storage in extra places, I seek to explore what all is possible when it comes to furniture.

This project focuses on combining the functionality of a couch, with the storage capabilities of kitchen cabinetry. The idea comes from a personal family problem. Often times when we sit down to eat dinner, someone forgets something and has to go back upstairs to grab it. So I had the idea to create a couch that would have all the common things we forget ready and accessible so we wouldn’t have to go back upstairs to get it.


I am originally from Omaha, NE, I graduated from Ralston High School and went on to study at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. I started out studying Computer Science but quickly realized that was not where my passion and talents would be best used. I switched over to Graphic Design in my second year of college. But after a couple of years, what I was passionate about and wanted to focus on became clear, so I changed my major from being a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design to a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, while also adding a second Bachelor of Arts in Art with an emphasis in Sculpture. This change would allow me to utilize my skills and do what makes me happy.