Erin Bousquet

My name is Erin Bousquet, a dedicated Graphic Design major currently advancing through my junior year toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. My passion for design extends across various mediums and techniques, encompassing both traditional and digital realms. Specializing in crafting user-friendly designs, I strive to deliver informative and immersive experiences. My expertise includes a keen focus on packaging design and branding strategies, aiming to create cohesive and impactful visual identities. As part of my journey, I am actively engaged as a design intern at Swanson Russell, Visit Lincoln, and Jacht. Through these opportunities, I am honing my skills, adapting to diverse work environments, and broadening my knowledge base across different methodologies. Continuously seeking growth, I am committed to expanding my proficiency in design areas to which I have previously paid less attention. Eager for every learning opportunity, I eagerly anticipate the challenges and experiences that lie ahead in my career trajectory.