Emily Meng

梦 · 翔 (Rise and Fly)

It is a short story about a confused college student trying to discover her future after graduation. 

Rise and Fly is a project that illustrates my worries through a series of “dreams” I had during college. I felt confused and anxious this semester, worrying that I might be unable to fulfill my dreams. Being an international student, studying abroad alone could be difficult. Even with the pandemic, my college life was hard. 

Luckily, I see so many people supporting me and helping me through difficult times. I feel encouraged and energized every time I think about these people. They gave me all the support that I ever needed. I felt grateful to have so many incredible people around me, encouraging me to chase after my dream. Thanks to them, I came out of my comfort zone and dared to fight even harder for my goal. 

“梦” means dream, which is the same pronunciation as my last name, “孟.” This word has multiple meanings; the most common is a dream. Other times, it parts with other words to have different meanings; sometimes, it could be an accomplishment, full of hope and joy, such as 梦想, a life-long goal. However, sometimes it could be sarcasm; for example,  “白日梦” means daydreaming or a pipe dream.

The “dreams” about the little bird and the village girl are the story of Jing-Wei, one of the well-known Chinese ancient legends. I decided to transform this story into my project. People know Jingwei’s work is pointless; she will never fill the ocean. But with her strong spirit, she keeps on trying and trying. I was touched by this story when I was young. Even though there are many difficulties and doubts, I should keep doing what I love, pursuing my dream to be an artist. 

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