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The experience of voting is wholly unique to every person. The ballot is secret, but the way we determine our future as a society is very public. These processes that we have upheld through generations are deeply entrenched in our society. My Capstone focuses on how the experience of voting shapes our perception of that process.

If voting becomes more centralized and designed, how does that affect our beliefs in democracy as an institution? Is there a way to incentivize voting through a designed system that engages us beyond the current rote simplicity? What does a centralized voting system look like? These are some of the questions that I address through my Capstone project.

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University of Nebraska State Museum
Exhibition Intern
Worked with a team to design, produce, and install temporary and permanent exhibitions.

National Geographic Photo Ark
Content Editor and In-House Designer
Edits photo and video content for Joel Sartore. Handles any design related projects in the office.




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