Hayley Manzer

Money ruins relationships. Many have grown up not knowing how to discuss money in a relationship or how to deal with it fairly. Some people had poor examples in their life of how to handle money and finances both in a personal manner and in a relationship. Because of this four in ten marriages end in divorce. So what if there was a fun way to help promote healthy conversations about money in every era from dating to having your first kid? Studies show that if we can promote healthy conversations about finances before marriage and create common goals we can in return lower the divorce rate and increase the rate of happiness within marriages. 


Money Talk: an invaluable booklet designed to navigate the complexities of finances in relationships at every stage.  Packed with insightful facts and statistics, this booklet serves as a roadmap for understanding the dynamics of relationships, from communication patterns to financial considerations. 

The questions provided within are not mere conversation starters but powerful tools for couples to engage in a meaningful and healthy dialogue. By sitting down together and exploring these questions, you and your partner can deepen your connection, address any concerns, and set goals for the future. Once you’ve had these crucial conversations, simply write the date on the designated line and sign it, signifying your commitment to handling the talk in a healthy and constructive manner. Additionally, the back of the booklet offers useful resources, ranging from recommended books to trusted financial advisors in the Omaha metro area, ensuring that you have the support and guidance you need every step of the way in your relationship and financial journey.

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