Nora Fitzsimmons

Creation, Healing, and Hello Kitty, 2023, intaglio, monoprint, screen print, hot stamped foil, 18″ x 24″

Playing the Wii in the Leisure Tent, 2024, intaglio, watercolor, screen print, hot stamped foil, 18″ x 24″

Rest. They’re Healing You – Please Just Let Them., 2024, intaglio, monoprint, screen print, hot stamped foil, 18″ x 24″

Troll Protection, 2022-2024, fabric, intaglio, polyester plate lithography

Wii Princess, 2022-2024, fabric, intaglio, screen print

Nora Fitzsimmons

[BFA] Studio Art – Printmaking

[Minor] French

My prints and soft sculptures explore the fantasy of nostalgia. Objects and characters from my childhood and current infatuation exist in a realm where their sentimental value morphs into something greater than their material worth. I explore beyond the initial rosy tint of this feeling by creating an entirely new reality, somewhere between the past and the present. The prints depict landscapes where nature, spirituality, and nostalgia intersect. My prints are created using hybrid printmaking, combining historical and contemporary techniques. The 3D works I create serve as a bridge between the world depicted in my prints and my own. They are modes of protection and comfort. I print the fabric used for these sculptures using shaped copper plates and screen printing. The processes for both my prints and sculptures are laborious, but this conveys the obsession I have with the depicted characters and objects.


Nora Fitzsimmons is completing a BA with an emphasis in printmaking and a minor in French at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her prints have been featured in exhibitions at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Eisentrager-Howard Gallery. Her work has also been published in BFF Zine, So Fi Zine, and Polemical Zine. Nora’s honors include the UNL Dean’s List and the Hixson-Lied Dean’s Scholarship.