Seth Alnwick

GREEN IN THE FACE, oil on cavas, 24″x18″

NO PLACE TO GO, oil on cavas, 19″X36″

NOWHERE TO HIDE, oil on canvas, 8’X10″

NOWHERE TO HIDE, oil on cavas, 8″X10″

SELF-PORTRAIT, oil on canvas, 8″x6″

THE STALKER, oil on cavas, 10″x8″

Seth Alnwick

[BFA] Studio Art – Painting

My paintings are inspired by themes found in psychological horror movies. Creating up-close cropped images of people in distress and discomfort, I use states of fear and panic to create representation for my own anxieties. In my practice, I gather images from digital archives to use as references. I then translate them into a range of colors, monochromatic to naturalistic. When painting I take liberties in color and how I express the form of the figure to heighten interest.


Seth Alnwick is from Lincoln, Nebraska. He is expected to graduate with a BFA in Painting in Spring of 2024 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In 2022, Seth received the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship from the U.S. Department of Education to study abroad in South Korea. He has exhibited his work in both the U.S. and abroad including in the MEDICI Gallery at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea, and Design Festa, Tokyo, Japan.