Julia Homan

Eme 3D Bust, 3D Sculpture Render on 32″ display

Eme Anatomy, Digital Illustration on Photo Luster paper, 15″ x 15″

Shelter, Digital Illustration on Photo Luster paper, 15″ x 33″

Rainseeing, Digital Illustration on Photo Luster paper, 15″ x 31″

Julia Homan

[BFA] Studio Art – Drawing

As an artist, I like to tell stories and share characters, human or otherwise. Through digital illustration, I develop other worlds with new characters and landscapes. I take an anthropological approach to worldbuilding, developing culture, behavior, and history affected by the environment which shapes a society much like how Earth has shaped ours. The Eme are a species I developed through illustrations and a field guide to their world. From lower gravity leading to larger fauna to the heavy storms that dictate architecture, I use cause and effect to determine design, function, and purpose. By using science, technology, and art, I combine what we know with the “what if”.


Julia Homan is a digital artist and printmaker pursuing a BFA at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with an expected graduation of August 2024. Homan’s exhibitions include the 37th Juried Undergraduate Exhibition and the 2024 Spring Capstone Exhibition both in the Eisentrager Howard Gallery. Her honors include the Dean’s List from fall 2021-fall 2023, along with a Husker Traditions Scholarship, a Jeanne Trabold Scholarship, an E. Evelyn Peterson Scholarship, and Hixson-Lied Dean’s Scholarship.