Maeve Nelson


Retail (R)Evolution

I am a Designer and Illustrator

Thesis Statement

Over the past several decades, the retail space has been undergoing a revolution. As of late, the orientation of the retail space has evolved from being product to consumer to experience driven. Our familiarity with digital environments have made us able to increase the total amount of information we are able to accept and process; and while many technological advances have been made, the brick and mortar shopping experience has struggled to evolve. As humans, we are social creatures, and we will never outgrow the in person shopping experience, entertainment and relationship building it provides.

The title of this experience is Retail (R)Evolution to represent the way that this industry is undergoing significant changes, while still maintaining the same experience. In the present day, the focus becomes the experience itself. Through extensive design research, I have found that there are opportunities to enhance—not disrupt—the brick and mortar experience through technological additions. Such additions will invite consumers into their brand narrative, allowing consumers to become coauthors with the brand through transparency, exclusivity, and customization.

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Jacht Agency
Design posters, animations, illustrations, and other multimedia projects
Collaborate with fellow student team members to develop solutions for internal and external clients in the Lincoln area

Willa Heart
Design Intern
Collaborate remotely with designer and artist Aly Harris of Willa Heart to prepare painted artwork for print and production

The New BLK
Design Intern
Supported the development of design material including GIFs, illustrations, videos, photos, CADs, and other multimedia content for clients with a focus on digital and hand drawn illustration

Art Director
Led team in the strategy and design of rebranding the company from DealAnyDay to LocalAnyDay, creating a new logo and brand guide
Generate hand-illustrated content that has made thousands of impressions on social media, the most impressions the company has ever had


AIGA Nebraska SHOW 2018 - Silver Award Recipient for Student Publication Design-