Morgan Wegner

Morgan Wegner


Thesis Statement

Your journey starts here.

The advancement of technology has sped up our travel time so that getting from point a to point b efficiently is no longer a problem. However, what these apps seem to lack is a way to get us better connected to the people and places that we want to go, but can’t seem to find. Reconnect is my vision of an app or experience, that will help to break us from our routines and begin making new choices to positively affect our overall quality of life.

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Sandhills Publishing
Interactive Designer

Designing mockups and building custom websites for customers under different publications through Sandhills Publishing. Also, working on logo projects, page layouts and making tweaks to websites as need be.

Norfolk Arts Center
Graphic Design Intern

Designing printed materials such as banners, postcards and booklets for upcoming shows. Also making updates to the website and banners for social media posts.

Power Pages Web Design
Graphic Designer & Social Media

Working with customers on custom website content and designs. Created banners and ads for social media platforms. Also helped train customers on how to use their CMS platforms.