Samantha Schreiter



Thesis Statement


Informative design on controversial issues is a real struggle in the graphic design world. People usually have boring infographics slapped in their faces and don’t really learn anything from them or care to remember the information. I researched many forms of informative design and decided that an interactive exhibition would be best. All the parts of the project are interactive so it engages the audience while informing them at the same time. I chose medical marijuana as the controversial issue because it’s still not legal across all of the U.S. and it’s a personal issue to me. I, like many, suffer from chronic pain and have been fighting it for the past seven years.

Medical marijuana will be making an appearance on Nebraska ballots in 2020 as LB110. To legalize medical marijuana would be a great help to people like myself who suffer from a chronic illness. It is my hope that my interactive exhibition will not only inform you of the importance of medical marijuana, but also to make you view medical marijuana in a different way. I present to you MM411.


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