Angel Le


An interactive experience.

Thesis Statement

Storytelling in Video Games

Video games offer an escape from reality; more and more people are playing them for entertainment. Some have no real purpose from a sentimental viewpoint and have simple objectives. There is one thing all video games have in common: involvement of the player. This is what makes them a distinctive medium. Non-gamers may not realize that there are many games that tell compelling stories or even teach good lessons. This project exists so that people can get to know the existing archetypes that live in these worlds and how they are involved with storytelling in video games.


Vital Services

Direct Support Professional

Working directly with individuals who require special needs with the aim of assisting them to become integrated into the least restrictive environment and encouraging contribution to their community. Responsibilities include recording data that provides assistance to improve the individual’s lifestyle and communicating their needs, self-expression and goals.


Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish


Contribution to the Vietnamese parish by offering aid to staff members and Thiếu Nhi Thánh Thể, a eucharistic youth group. Has done a year of teaching assistance for weekly bible studies. Involvement in social situations with all age groups every Saturday. Responsibilities include problem solving and applying leadership skills to improve community activities. Mostly associated with TNTT’s youth choir, helping the group with lessons and events.