Cora Nicholson

Hidden Roots

Thesis Statement

Hidden Roots

Lessons on morals and the do’s and don’ts have been preached since we were young. The learning of valuable personality traits were taught to us by our surroundings as well as by stories we loved as children. Though these stories have taught us about being kind and love, the remakes from Disney and Pixar have lost the lessons used to scare children into behaving. Delving into the dark histories, deconstructing these fairy tales, and exposing the realities of fantasy I discovered that the fairy tales we know today create unattainable fantasies we romanticize about.

Research Thesis


Southern Hospitality Ventures, Inc. – Raising Cane’s
Graphic Design Intern
Responsible for creating and updating visually appealing marketing materials and layouts for market restaurant ads, campaigns and internal publications. Work closely with the marketing team to produce compelling materials through the Adobe Creative Suite for each restaurant demographic. Adhere to strict deadlines by balancing time management. Participate in community outreach events, as well as take on other duties.

Assistant Manager
Oversee all employees and maintain a smooth function throughout the entire facility. Order inventory for the store. Compile an accurate data sheet for supplies used throughout the facility. Supervise small crews of employees to oversee and maintain the multi-million dollar inventory within the backroom of the store. Provide the highest quality of customer service, as well asĀ guidance and leadership, to any that are in need within the store.


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