Kierstin Kurczek

A Million Thanks

A grateful design student.

Thesis Statement

A Million Thanks

This project uses graphic design and the mindset of gratitude to show thanks to all of those around us. Writing on a printed thank you card has become a lost art in today’s world of instant messaging. Rather than getting a text message, a hand-written note on a thank you card shows a significant amount of appreciation.

I am grateful for so many people in my life, and that is why I started A Million Thanks. I missed a semester of school due to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and so many people sent me their condolences. My mother encouraged me to write thank you notes to show my appreciation. The more I wrote, the more I was intrigued with the design of the cards and the process of writing. A lot goes into the selection of, writing, and sending a personal thank you to someone. I want viewers to think deeper about gratitude and how a graphic designed thank you card can be a device for giving A Million Thanks.


Lincoln Children’s Zoo
Graphic Design Intern
Using the Lincoln Children’s Zoo branding, completed a number of signage materials for placement within the Zoo. Worked on animation for Boo at the Zoo and Zoo Lights. Created a timeline, Snapchat filters, vinyl wall decor, and illustrations.

Threads/Footloose & Fancy
Graphic Design Intern
Designed catalogues for Summer 2018 and Winter Gift Guides for 2018 and 2019. Had the pleasure of creating postcards, newspaper ads, online ads, as well as other advertisements.

Center for Great Plains Studies
Graphic Design Intern
Redesigned the museum’s general information brochure, designed multiple logos for upcoming exhibitions at the museum, and a large–scale artist catalog. Designed several social media posts that advertised events, new scholarships, and the Great Plains Quarterly. Researched and wrote copy for infographics on Great Plains topics.

Kierstin Kurczek




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