Gardening is well worth your efforts for both personal, and environmental concerns. Any sort of greenery that you can grow is going to provide a positive impact on your environmental surroundings. Gardens are not just aesthetically pleasing, they are a building block of a healthy space and a reduction in carbon footprints. From health to community, gardening has a wide range of benefits, like community organizing by increasing a sense of community organization or stewardship. It even goes so far to bring people together that might come from a wide range of diversity such as; culture, race, and even social status in a community.


A phenomenon called “plant blindness” means we tend to under-appreciate the flora around us. That can have disastrous consequences not only for the environment, but human health. Several trials have revealed the beneficial effects on mood and mental health of simply observing nature, or even images of natural scenes. Gardening is arguably one of the most common ways of interacting with nature and indeed is enjoyed as a popular pastime in many countries.

Bloom helps users start their gardening journey. This application connects people with local community gardens and provide with helpful tips to start planting.

For starters, the app helps users find nearby community gardens that can help the starting process with educational classes and a home kit. With the app you can trade, give, or lend.

In the homepage, users can add new plants they discover along the way. In order for the process to work, users would use their camera and scan the plant. Bloom will identify the plant for you and confirm a couple informations. Once the process is completed, the plant is now added to your personal garden.

Studies have shown an encouraging word about pulling through a difficult situation or overcoming an obstacle can make all the difference. Bloom wants to help users by making it a fun activity and encouraging users to continue on blooming their garden.


Broward College Visual & Performing Arts
Graphic Designer
Worked directly with the Program Director for the Performing Arts Theatre to determine creative goals for each of twelve performances. All materials had to be catered to reflect the artistic goals of the work yet be approachable to an older audience and be within the University branding system. Materials for each performance would include large promotional posters also adaptable to campus fliers, six 10-page programs, and LED digital advertisements. Responsibilities included creative strategy, client presentation, client revisions, mechanical preparation, and releasing of files to the printer.

Eleanor Creative
Graphic Designer Intern
As a digital marketing intern, my responsibilities included the creation of digital marketing for online media including Facebook, Instagram and google ads. This high paced work spanned all company clients and industries. Worked closely with the digital media project manager to organize and deliver monthly and weekly social media calendars.

As a undergrad student, I’m always looking to learn and gain experience. I’ve taken on a number of small clients to gain experience. Project have included: logos, branding, brochures, websites, and weddings (stationary, invitations, table design, menus, posters, and more).