Hunter Krehnke

Project Statement

Sports marketing has came a long way from the first of its kind in 1870 using tobacco cards. Social media opened up new doors for brands of all budgets to put their foot in the door of sports marketing. Consumers of today have learned to tune out traditional marketing tools making them harder to reach than ever. Using an athlete as the center of sports marketing allows the content you share to be effective and earn more attention. Since athletes engage in their audience at a rate of 11 times higher than sports properties, fans live off the interaction between athletes. My goal is to create a product to develop interaction and connection with the consumer and the athlete itself in real-time. Athletes are endorsed by one or more companies at a given time while they compete. These companies would band together to make a personalized athlete box for the fans. The athlete itself would go up to fans before or after games to hand them their own personalized box. This box is one of kind due to the only way to receive it is through the athlete. The box is filled with merchandise geared toward the brands associated with the athlete as well as the athlete the box is about. 


Nebraska Football Recruitment Design Intern
Graphic Designer | February 2019 – Present
Responsible for creating and developing visually appealing graphics for the program’s current football recruits. While focusing on the recruits, I was also frequently assigned to create graphics for Nebraska Football’s social media accounts.

Engler Graphic Intern
Graphic Designer | October 2019 – May 2020
Responsible for creating brand identities for classes offered through the University.

Hunter Krehnke

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Hunter Krehnke