Stephanie Diem Doan


The principal to have a product packaging with the high key to focus on the concept design of the size, value, quality, and display that can apply to develop the interest packaging to use in multi-way. To bring more convenience and also can be impacted to change people’s point of view about the sustainable packaging world, especially in the more suitability, stylish and flexibility in a busy day with the usefulness and feasibility design of ready to use packaging on the way that will be able to bring multi values to consumers. When consumers can see how effective the packaging can bring more benefits to their life, they will rethink the improvement sustainability system that relates to recycling and environmentally friendly. This is one of the steps to help our future get a better understand and will be a part to save our environment.

The Lid

The Spoon

The Cup Sleeve


The concept and goal for this sustainable packaging include an all-in-one packaging drink-kit with the name Joy-Cup (include a pack of 12 small cups/8oz each, lids that can foldable to be a spoon, and also include two extra sleeves from the packaging itself).  Both cups and spoons are designed to able to use for both hot and cold foods/drinks. This design is ideal friendly with our environment, and products can also be tossed in the garden or stay out of the landfill or can reuse the packaging itself for the household.


The brand name is Eco Joy and this product easy to use for traveling, at the office break room, restaurant, festival, or at any events big conference. The brand name means eco-friendly to our environment and joy means bringing happiness for people when they use them. The theme colors are green and mint for the logo with a fresh youthful bring more enjoyment to life. This ideal packaging design from the logo, typography, packaging, and items inside the packaging such as cups, spoons, and lids to capture the refreshable to help bring a new vivid to the product.