Amanda Wade

Amanda Wade

I am a graphic designer and illustrator.


Dance and Design

Dance choreography can be thought of as designing movement for the body, but how does that compare to designing visual motion? Through research and personal experimentation, I intend to explore possible ways to mimic or depict dance using graphics. I will be considering questions such as: what design elements can display movement while referencing the human body; and what portrayals of dance are the most successful at representing the movements of the human body? I specifically want to discover how graphic shapes and lines can take on an abstract form to represent the angles of the body alignment captured through movement and dance.
The exhibition element displays how design is integrated with dance in the real world:
The creation, branding, and marketing of Ethereal Dance Company.


UNL Office of Sustainability
Graphic Specialist
Created designed assets for social media, print materials, and analytic reports. Collected data for social media insights using Microsoft Excel. Wrote and designed layouts for the monthly newsletter. Took photographs on campus used for promotion materials.

Sprint YellowFan Studios
Graphic Design Intern
Followed Sprint’s branding guidelines for all designed assets. Created layouts, statics and identifiers for social media campaigns and offers. Selected and color corrected images used in advertising. Set up storyboards for motion graphics used in commercials. Vocalized ideas in product naming and branding brainstorms. Assisted during commercial shoot and stills of Sprint’s spokesperson.

Social Assurance
Graphic Design and Video Intern
Designed creative social media assets for financial institutions to keep their specific targeted audiences engaged. Incorporated recommendations by the clients into the final design.

Alpha Delta Pi
Public Relations Chair
Created graphics and promotional banners for events and managed the social media accounts promoting a positive brand on campus. Designed custom content for all chapter graphics and PR material