Anna Binder



Thesis Statement

Beauty in Diversity

What constructs a culture, people group, or individual? Ultimately one’s values, community, and surroundings play a significant role. Through research and interviews with people from all over the world I intend to show the audience a hint of how these can come together to create something beautiful and unique. My goal is to show how individuals, each with uniquely different backgrounds, have a beautiful story to tell. Focusing on how their environment and surroundings have impacted who they are, and how they have come out stronger from that. In diversity there is beauty and strength. I have created paintings and booklets of individuals from Sweden, Mongolia, Sudan, and Colombia. The background patterns and colors in the paintings are unique to each culture and the transparency symbolizes the effect the culture has had on each individual. The booklets create a personal connection into each story, through visual expression and quotes.

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Husker Sports
Graphic Designer Intern
My responsibilities included creating social media graphics for Husker game days, working within the boundaries of one typeface and a theme of red overlay. I also created promotional videos, designed ads for the Husker Sports magazine, and created ads for sponsoring companies..

Nature’s Logic
Graphic Designer Intern
Through this position I assist in running all social media accounts, creating animations, and graphics as well as promotional activities. I assist in updating and managing the website, Creating mockups and updating package designs for products.

My work as a freelancer includes a complete package design for a gym, including logo design, color pallet of structure, inside artwork and signage. Various other logo designs, commissioned paintings, vinyl prints, and multiple murals, including one painted in the UNL ROTC Air Force building.

Work Exhibitions

2019 — AIGA Show Student Catagory-
2017, 2018, 2019 — Express Yourself Gallery-
2019 —First Friday Exhibition-


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