Ashley Collins

Ashley Collins

I am a Graphic Designer.

Thesis Statement

Women Leaders of the Christian Church

Who were significant female Christian religious leaders throughout history, and why are they often overlooked and forgotten? Religious stories, practices, and histories are often seen through the eyes of men. Even today, many women face prejudice and discrimination within the religion they practice, especially when it comes to leadership both inside and outside of their religious communities. However, there are many cases of women taking on religious leadership roles throughout history and within the Bible. My senior research consists of studying biographies and religious texts, as well as conducting my own survey. Due to time and access, my research focuses on Christian women, recognizing they are only a small portion of the many female religious leaders working to break down barriers and get their voices heard.

For my thesis, I have created a series of illustrations based around prominent Biblical and historical female leaders within the church. Each illustration is designed to look like faux stained glass. The objects shown in each illustration help describe important parts of their story. I hope this small sample will give a voice to the many female leaders throughout history and today that often struggle to get their voices heard in churches today.


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Exhibition Concept


Jacht Agency
Graphic Designer
Jacht Agency is a full-service advertising agency run by students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As a graphic designer at Jacht, I worked with 2 local clients to assist with their visual branding needs. Projects I worked on include creating a brand guide, and creating graphics for videos.

Rural Radio Network
Graphic Design Intern
As a graphic design Intern at Rural Radio Network, I created a variety of graphic assets for the company. These include digital advertisements for various clients displayed on KRVN’s website, digital sliders promoting broadcasts of high school sports, and social media graphics. I also created graphics to supplement the video broadcast segment, “Trading Bits and Bytes”, including a segment logo and charts displaying agricultural stock market information

Kana Systems
Graphic Designer
My main task as a graphic designer at Kana Systems was assisting in creating a visual brand identity for the company. I helped created a logo and wordmark, established colors and fonts, and created a brand guide. I also created visual materials to assist in the company applying for federal grants.

Visual Designer
As a visual designer at LocalAnyDay, I worked on a wide variety of design projects. Large projects include designing business cards for the CEO, Director of Operations, and sales team, creating cover graphic images for the LocalAnyDay app, and creating mockups with the branding of towns in Nebraska and Missouri to be used as a marketing tool in creating a partnership between the towns and the app. I also created supplementary graphics for social media promotions and sales materials, all while supplementary graphics for social media promotions, all while working within LocalAnyDay’s established branding.


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