Audree Pool

Audree Pool

creative graphic designer and illustrator.

Thesis Statement

The Urban America Collection

When was the last time you kept a postcard? You can’t remember? There’s a reason for that. Postcards were invented over 150 years ago. They were first used only to send short messages to one another. Just one or two sentences and they were sent off. Next people started drawing on one side then including their message on the other. Eventually postcards turned into what you see today, mostly pictures on the front and a space for your message on the back. After researching something that was one of the first ways people had long distance communication, I thought it was time they got a refresh.

For my capstone project I took it upon myself to turn these postcards into something more. These postcards are part of a collection. You find yourself traveling not only to enjoy a new place but to collect another piece of your uniquely illustrated collection. Each state offers a shaped postcard that you can fit together to form the country or how ever you please. The postcards show some of the most popular places in each state as well as some that are off the beaten path. They can feature anything from wildlife and nature to cityscapes and tourist attractions but no matter what they all have their unique illustrations to make them so different from other postcards.

By creating these postcards, I want it make you think twice when you’re in the touristy gift shop looking at the postcards. Maybe you too should draw your own interpretation of this new city you’re in to share with your loved ones. Postcards should have more meaning that just being a picture that most likely gets forgotten about and thrown away. That is what I strive for here. These postcards are unlike any postcards you ever seen so get out there and collect them!

The Map

The Postcards

The Collection


Concorde Management & Development
Graphic Design/Marketing Intern
Responsible for creating marketing materials and layouts, up keeping the website, and taking and editing property pictures for Concorde Management & Development. Use of Adobe Creative Suite to create original layouts, designs, and animations. Produce materials within tight deadlines. Participate in weekly project meetings and assume other duties as assigned.

Caribou Coffee
Freelance Graphic Designer
In charge of a marketing project to create a unique 3D marketing material. Use of Adobe Creative Suite to create original outlines and design. Use of laser cutter to produce final 3D object. Produce materials within tight deadlines.

3 Chords Studio
Freelance Graphic Designer
Create visual pleasing and on brand snap chat filters for the grand opening weekend. Use of Adobe Creative Suite to create illustrations and layouts. Produce Materials within tight deadlines.

Competitions and Exhibitions

2017 — World Open House-
2018 — Model Young Package / Coffee Mania-
2019 — Typography Day / Dance of Typography-


Meet the Pros — Omaha, Nebraska-