Chloe Mientka

Chloe Mientka

Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography

Thesis Statement

For my capstone, I decided to create a branding project around the idea of having my own perfume label and product. Thus, the fragrance Chloe Rose was created. All components of the project were created with the use of typography, logo design, package design, photography, photo retouching, videography, and visual research. This project was ideal, in that it let me put multiple skills that I have gained through my academic studies to use in the creation and branding of a perfume. The name of the perfume label itself was suggested by my mother, since my first name “Chloe” means fresh blooming, combined with my middle name being “Rose”. Literally providing the meaning of “fresh blooming rose”. This impacted the overall look and feel of the perfume brand, allowing dreamy and romantic visuals for expressing a fragrance of elegance and fresh blooming romance.


Chloe Mientka