Laura Kramer

Laura Kramer

Visual Designer + Creative Strategist

Thesis Statement

Refresh: A Mental Health App

Visual representation plays an important role in how people understand mental health. I intend to show that personal mental health can be easier for people to approach when represented through strong visual and interaction design. With the average person having 60-90 apps on their cell phone, there is a huge market to introduce an application that promotes self-love and maintaining and prioritizing mental health. Of particular importance is that this application’s key feature will be its constant interaction with its users to emphasize the idea that strong mental health is attainable on a daily basis.

Since I was in high school, I have been an advocate for mental health awareness. As someone who has lived with these diseases and loved those with them as well, it made perfect sense for me to pair my passion for mental heath awareness with design. Although there’s no perfect solution to helping others communicate and manage their mental illnesses, I hope this idea and project moves us forward, or even one person forward, in bettering their health.

The deliverables you will see below include branding and strategy for the app brand, the overview of the app design, a few demonstrations on the multiple pathways users may take depending on the extremities of their responses, and a few marketing materials.

Refresh Brand Guide >

I want to hear from you! What do you think? About my project, about life, about the best Disney movies to ever exist? Let’s chat!

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Jacht Ad Agency
Web + Graphic Designer
• Work with clients to accomplish goals and create deliverables
• Update and manage Jacht’s website, as the sole web designer
• Design user interfaces including general landing pages, Kickstarter/Shopfiy pages and all other client web needs

Alpha Phi – Nu Chapter
Vice President of Marketing
• Guided and assisted Nu Chapter’s marketing department
• Developed a marketing strategy for the 2019 calendar year
• Rebrand the chapter’s social media, including redesigning and publishing the chapter’s website

LocalAnyDay (Kana Systems)
Marketing Team Leader
• Organized and led the marketing team for LocalAnyDay, oversaw all marketing necessities for Kana Systems
• Developed marketing strategies and content in print and digital formats
• Assisted the executive team in strategic decision-making to move the company forward

Branding + Design Associate
• Assisted in executing marketing strategy
• Designed content for digital and print media from illustrations to posters


The project you see above is one of many I’ve had the pleasure of curating during my time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Every day since January 2017, I’ve had the chance to overcome new design challenges that have designed the designer I am today. However, outside of campus, I’ve had a few other things that have helped along the way:

  • My family and friends — thanks for being the first call when I wasn’t quite sure things were going the way they should’ve been
  • My mentors and employers — you’ve taught me more than a 3-credit ever could, and I don’t know what I’d do without you
  • My dogs — everyone needs a furry friend
  • Adventures — thank you for teaching me what life looks like away from a computer
  • New things — whether it was learning the ukulele or a new book, you kept things moving and fresh, and you kept me motivated for more growth

I hope you enjoy what you see here and on my portfolio — let me know what you think! I’d love to speak with you about anything from design to the best place you’ve ever been or the book that changed your life.


Laura Kramer