Matthew Eberle

Graphic Design // Publication // Photography

Thesis Statement


Some works of art and design seem to transcend time, remaining relevant and cherished regardless of their age. However, timeless works of design differ from those of art in the fact that these pieces are still being produced and utilized today exactly how they were at the time that they were created. I have designed a brief publication that examines the characteristics of timeless designs in an effort to better understand what constitutes timelessness from the Modern Era of furniture design. This assessment of modern furniture design explores these characteristics and examines the role of timelessness in the contemporary atmosphere.

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Woods Art Building Digital Lab

Responsible for managing the printing operations and rental services of the Digital Lab space during evening hours

– Understanding the applications and nuances of different paper types and color profiles
– Operating various printers and scanners with Adobe software
– Performing maintenance on printer equipment [changing paper rolls, swapping ink cartridges, troubleshooting errors]


Headwind Consumer Products
Graphic Design Intern

Intern in the Graphic Design / Marketing division of Headwind Consumer Products and its affiliated companies [EZ Read, Garden Splendor, Robert Allen]

– Producing publications, website graphics, packaging, store displays, photographs, social media posts, and advertisements
– Visiting store locations and evaluating the market environment
– Understanding and designing within brand guidelines
– Designing material for Tailwind E-Bikes and Executive Travel