Rachel Sedlacek

Rachel Sedlacek

I am a graphic designer.

Thesis Statement

TikTok Topics

TikTok and similar new media applications have become increasingly central to the lives of younger generations, breaking them away from traditional media. These user-generated short- form video outlets are sources of not only social interaction and entertainment, but culture, and their popularity can confuse older generations who see these apps as simply a “trend”. Because of the newness of these media forms there is little research done concerning the reason behind their success or the greater social impact they have on their audience. By looking at different topics surrounding TikTok’s success, including format, addiction, and security, I hope to showcase just how impactful these applications truly are and what they mean for the future of social media. Understanding this societal change in media consumption can help us sculpt our design thinking to fit the new generation of content consumers.

The website I created displaying all of this content is available here.

Research Thesis


University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Involvement
Graphic Designer

Communicated with university departments and student organizations to create a variety of marketing pieces, including posters, digital signs, banners, and more. Followed updated university branding guidelines to unify the school through design.

Boiler Brewing Company
Graphic Design Intern

Designed labels for the 5 to 7 new craft beers that are dispensed every week. Utilized a fun, funky style that rode the line of edginess. Generated additional social media graphics as needed.