Skyy Hoscheit

Skyy Hoscheit

Graphic Designer

Thesis Statement

How Human Greed Impacts Global Warming

Societal norms play a key role in Global Warming by influencing humankind’s destructive behaviors and consumer decisions. I intend to show how society and the creations our ancestors molded greatly impact our reluctance to change the products we purchase and our “it’s not my responsibility” mindsets. Utilizing research on how climate has evolved with humankind I want to showcase the part we all play in Global Warming and how we can reduce our destructive footprints together. Above all, some believe large organizations, not including fast-food industries, should be held responsible for finding environmental alternatives and that the average consumer should not be expected to change their lifestyle.

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Environment Process

Initial Landscape
Displacement Modification
Color Test
Lighting Test
Particle Test
Grass Test
Background Update
Tree Implentation


Office Depot
Copy and Print Specialist
Create business card designs and new logos for small Lincoln-based companies. Recommend specific paper weights, sizes, and colors that best suit each customer’s need. Set up printers according to paperweight, folding
requirements, collation, and more. Assist new customers using self-serve print and fax machines.

Vision Maker Media
Social Media Specialist
Create advertisement designs for tribal publications about educational films and in-house DVD sales. Write social media posts about tribal news, film sale promotions, and opportunities for Native Americans. Stuff and mail envelopes asking for donation renewals and updates on film festivals.

Grocery Kart
Grocery Clerk
Set up advertising signs and merchandising displays according to the store’s layout and where they would best be seen. Organize and fix up various aisles to ensure the store is looking and performing at its best.