Tyler Loebig

designer + creative director

Thesis Statement

Rolling Fields Music & Art Festival

Music has been bringing people together since the dawn of time, and in today’s culture, we use it to create shared experiences. Music festivals are not a new concept; however, when looking through a design lens it is easy to see the impact that these events can have on our communities and our evolving culture. That is why for my capstone project I created Rolling Fields, Nebraska’s next largest music festival.

Being conveniently located in the center of the U.S., I questioned why there were not more of these events held in Nebraska. There is plenty of spanning open land, several rising brands and companies that would show interest in sponsoring such an event, as well as a welcoming community of people. By holding a cultural event of this caliber in Nebraska, I believe that it could transcend the “boring” misconception of the state into a new cultural hub.

Therefore, the identity for Rolling Fields needed to not inherently appear as what most envision as “Nebraskan,” but rather needed to be unexpected and exciting. I was inspired by popular iconography of the late 60’s and early 70’s, and combined this visual identity with a modern twist. I wanted to transform these two ideas into a cohesive and vibrant identity that would be sure to get people’s attention.

This project blends my appreciation for my home state, love for music, and design style into one complete experience.


Pixel Bakery Design Studio
Multimedia Designer
Create motion graphics, branding, videos, websites, illustrations and various animations for local and national companies. I participate in storyboarding, copywriting, and client meetings to prepare visuals for several brands. I also engage within the community on design workshops with young creatives.

National Student Advertising Competition
Creative Director
As Creative Director for the National Student Advertising Competition team, I was in charge of leading the design, copy, and digital media team to create an inspiring campaign for the client Adobe. Our team virtually presented in the AAF District 9 competition and placed second along with winning an award for “Best Copy.”

Graphic Designer
I was one of three graphic designers that created the print plans book and digital presentation. Our team won “most creative execution” of the eight teams that presented in the regional district.

Jacht Agency
Graphic Designer
In this student run advertising agency, I specifically worked with two local clients to create branding and identity systems. While working in small teams of strategists and account executives, we carried out daily tasks and monthly objectives.

Great Plains Museum
Communications Intern
Working alongside the communications coordinator, I developed print, video, and digital collateral to promote the museum. I had the opportunity to individually brand three exhibitions and the 2020 conference on climate change and culture in the great plains.

UNL Explore Center
Graphic Design Intern
While working with the communication team, I designed print and digital materials for pre-professional and undeclared students as well as recruitment. During my time in this position, I created their new brand identity.




Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my work this semester. With music festivals across the country canceling their events due to the COVID pandemic, I hope this project gets you excited for the next show you get to attend.

I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all of the professors that I have had throughout my college career for whom this is all possible. I would also like to thank my cohorts for pushing me and helping me develop into a stronger designer and creative problem solver. I will forever be grateful to you for what you’ve taught me. Lastly, I would like to thank my friends and family for all of the support throughout my time at UNL. Their love and support have been paramount to my success.

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