Brianna Kleinschmit

Of Mosses, Molds, and Fire; Still
Digital Illustration, 1920x1080p, 2021

Of Mosses, Molds, and Fire; Proloque
2D Animation, 00:03:20, 2021

Know Your Name; Still
Digital Illustration, 1920x1080p, 2021

Know Your Name; Excerpt
2D Animation, 00:04:41, 2021

Brianna Kleinschmit

[BFA] Interdisciplinary

As a 2D animation director, I strive to create stories that are memorable, and characters the audience can connect with on a personal level. My stories are complex with a lot of nuance between competing descriptors. I use bright, saturated colors to push the emotion of a scene; from the shadows casting colors to reflect the mood, to the color of the dust particles floating in space to carry the apathy felt. Animation has a history of stereotypical characters that define humans in their most reductive way. I am interested in making characters that challenge those norms and create a larger more inclusive dialogue within the current movement of animation. I work to avoid the predictable and stereotypical depiction of heroes and villains, and strive to create characters and storylines that are both foreign in experience to the viewer, and yet still hold a sense of familiarity with the actions depicted. 


Brianna Kleinschmit is completing her BFA at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Focusing in 2D animation, her work often uses dark, fantastical imagery to explore the human mind and how differences in mental health can change the perspective on any given situation. Some of the top media to influence her work include the Netflix original Hilda, Attack on Titan produced by Wit Studio, an independent music/animation Youtube team Rare Americans, and the independent Youtube creator VivziePop. While studying for an Interdisciplinary BFA, Kleinschmit created animated short stories and excerpts of the works she hopes to one day have professionally produced.