Connor Schultz

Round Brush Digital Portraits, .Mp4 Video File, 00:03:12, 2021

Rick Deckard Portrait, 2D Digital Painting, 6092×4111 pixels, 2021

Xenomorph Portrait, 2D Digital Painting, 4249×4114 pixels, 2021

Cayde 6 Portrait, 2D Digital Painting, 6140×4114 pixels, 2021

Connor Schultz

[BFA] Studio Art/Drawing

I paint, draw, illustrate, sculpt and sketch across various mediums, both digitally and traditionally to conceptualize my ideas. My focus is on character design, and the process of visual development, which opens up an endless range of possibilities for me to create and to push my style. In my latest work, I have purposely reduced my digital tools to get to the essential color and form that best articulates a character, trying not to be burdened by details. I create portraits, full body concepts, scenes or key-frames to inspire those who see my work, to build off of my excitement and passion. I am an omnivore for all types of science fiction and explore character design from well-known franchises including Star Wars and Marvel, as well as more obscure titles and characters that I develop on my own. My love for science fiction started when I was young and continues to this day. In part, my interest stems from the way that the genre can take you somewhere else while amplifying the best and worse parts of our own existence. I love world building, and the idea of creating a history within a design, to use my inspiration in an attempt to create something new. This body of work concludes my student experience but serves as an entry point for work as a concept artist in the film and entertainment industry.


Connor Schultz is an art student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln currently in his senior year. Connor works primarily in Photoshop to create digital paintings, continuing to refine his style, form, and process to reach a final product. His work is heavily influenced by film, with inspiration stemming from Star Wars, Marvel, Sci-fi, and various art books. With a BFA in studio art and an emphasis on drawing, he continues to pursue his goals of becoming a concept artist for film and entertainment. His work has been shared and reposted by directors and other professional artists through social media, and has led to various commissions such as character designs and portraits. Schultz’s work was also selected and displayed at the red carpet event for the premier of “The Last Jedi” in 2017, as he won an official fan-art contest to have his piece shown on screen behind the actors and crew.