Kasaria Murphy

Dormant, Digital Photograph, 6000×9000 pixels, 2021

Soil, Digital Photograph, 1464×2196 pixels, 2021

Essence, Digital Photograph, 3341×5012 pixels, 2021

Reminisce, Digital Photograph, 2979×4469 pixels, 2021

Extension, Digital Photograph, 6000×9000 pixels, 2021

Kasaria Murphy

[BFA] Photography

“Of the Earth” is a series of color photographs that depict nature and the human form. Through self-portraiture, I explore my connectedness to nature, with respect to its life cycles. This series is also taken at a time when I am experiencing my first pregnancy- when I have felt more grounded and more connected with my body than ever. By using a mix of gestures paired with the organic shapes of nature, as well as the exploration of natural textures, I convey a sense of unification on both a physical and metaphysical plane. Throughout this series, I constantly find myself asking: “What does it mean to be a part of the environment, and how can I identify with it?” I freely investigate these questions without an expectation of finding an answer.


Kasaria Murphy is a photographer from Lincoln, Nebraska. She mainly works in a digital format, and creates work fit for digital display. Kasaria is currently an undergraduate at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, studying Fine Arts with a photography emphasis. She has received the Peter & Inge Worth Scholarship, Nebraska Opportunity Grant, and the UNL Opportunity Grant. She has also done commissioned portrait work for private clients. Kasaria’s personal work consists mainly of self-portraiture, and touches upon topics such as spirituality, religion, and the environment.