Noah Clayton

The Beginning, Digital Illustration, 542×1160 pixels, 2021

All Grown Up, Digital Illustration, 1000×542 pixels, 2021

I’ll Let Myself In, Digital Illustration, 542×1160 pixels, 2021

Long Days Rest, Digital Illustration, 1000×542 pixels, 2021

My Friends and Eye, Digital Illustration, 1160×542 pixels, 2021

Noah Clayton

[BFA] Drawing

Noah Clayton is a visual artist who primarily works in digital formats. His work explores the common aspects of human nature viewed through the lenses of surrealism, absurdity, and the comical side of the imagination. His work references color and form through visual elements of graphic novels and the palette of the pop art movement. His work draws inspiration from childhood memories, family members, and popular culture to create visually diverse worlds.


Noah Clayton is an artist currently living in Omaha, Nebraska. He is currently attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln majoring in Studio Art with a focus in drawing. The flexibility of his graphic and vibrant style of work have opened the door to many commission opportunities for both digital and physical work. In the digital space he has created commissioned work for company websites and logos, as well as designed posters for band shows, album covers, and decorative posters. With his physical works he has created drawings and paintings in various sizes ranging from portraits to tattoo designs. He hopes to continue his freelance career and pursue the dream of working in the graphic novel industry and eventually creating his own comic book in the future.