Sofia Fernandez Echeverri

Fique Rojo, Oil on Canvas, 6′ x 6′, 2020

Dunes Between Threads 1 (diptych on the left)
Dunes Between Threads 2 (diptych on the right)
Oil on Panel, 8″ x 10″ (each panel), 2021

Dunes Between Threads 3 (diptych on the left)
Dunes Between Threads 4 (diptych on the right)
Oil on Panel, 8″ x 10″ (each panel), 2021

Resurgiendo Series, Lithograph, 10″ x 12″ (each piece), 2021

Sofia Fernandez Echeverri

[BFA] Painting

Art is the vehicle I use to communicate my culture and navigate an unknown space with the aim of finding my voice. My work uses Colombian textiles, especially from Colombian indigenous tribes, as a source of inspiration to analyze how pattern and texture can be abstracted and understood as cultural evidence. Its aim is to showcase textiles through a variety of techniques and materials, having a finalized work of art that shows my perspective as well as the original message of the textile.

My work is influenced by The Pattern and Decoration Movement with artists such as Joyce Kozloff, Valerie Jaudon, and Susan Michod. However, my aesthetic sensibility is deeply rooted in my memories of home and the work of indigenous Colombian tribes who are not known in the United States.

Through research I have allowed myself to create paintings and prints that open the audience to questions such as: How does one communicate their own culture effectively through artwork? What aspects of one’s culture are important for the audience? And what is the importance of communicating my own culture to a culture not acquainted with it? It is my hope that this work continues to open the viewer to these questions, generating a dialogue about culture, pattern, and history.

The works showcased in this exhibition are a demonstration of this research as well as self-portraits of my current state culturally. The decision to have diptychs that match but are not close together relates to me being outside of my own culture currently, yet having a piece of myself deeply rooted in my home country as well as inmy cultural memories.


Sofia Echeverri is a Colombian artist whose work communicates what it means to be Latina in the United States. She is pursuing her BFA with a painting emphasis at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. She is the recipient of the Elgas Grant, Myers & Martha Cather Scholarship, Hixson-Lied Deans’ Scholarship, University of Nebraska Lincoln Honors Program and Scholarship, E. Evelyn Peterson Scholarship, S. Arnold Waggoner Mem. Fund, and the Vada Kinman Oldfield Scholarship. Honors also include Dean’s Purchase Award and the Entry Fee Award in the 33rd Undergraduate Exhibition at the Eisentrager Howard Gallery, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.