Taylor Blanchard

Grasp, Digital, 3000×3000 pixels, 2021

Clutch, Digital, 3000×3000 pixels, 2021

Fold, Digital, 3000×3000 pixels, 2021

Pressure, Digital, 3000×3000 pixels, 2021

Taylor Blanchard

[BFA] Interdisciplinary

Through handfuls of 3000x3000px digitally painted squares, I am exploring the sensation of touch and pain. It is through those sensations which I ground myself to reality as I often dissociate from it. Picking a digital medium pushed me to put more thought and effort into evoking realistic lighting and shadows as well as texture. It also creates a space for a narrative of something separating me from what I am creating, which the glass of the screen simulates. That separation relating my work even more to my experience in life. As such, I am focusing on my inability to ground myself with reality and attempting to create a sort of remedy to find myself back down to earth through my artwork. It is with these provoking images of feeling and sensation that I wish to push as a grounding technique.


Taylor Blanchard is from Lincoln, Nebraska and is currently a University of Nebraska-Lincoln undergraduate, majoring in Studio Art with a focus on digital illustration. She has been on the Hixson-Lied College of Fine & Performing Arts Dean’s List from Fall of 2019 to Fall of 2020 and was a nominee for the F. Pace Woods scholarship fund. She is a recipient of The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation scholarship and is a William H. Thompson Learning Community scholar. Her works are typically meant to evoke feelings of physical touch as a grounding mechanism for those who struggle with dissociative disorders. It is her own struggles with dissociating which influence her work and what she creates, as well as how she goes about the creative processes.