Elisa Dorsey

Comfort Zone, 2022, Lithograph, 11×14″

My Dog, 2022, Intaglio, 8×11″

Me, 2022, Intaglio, 8×11″

Fools, 2021, Intaglio Print with Lithograph, 6.5×8.5″

Elisa Dorsey

[BFA] Painting

[BFA] Printmaking

In the series Journey of Fools, my lithographs and intaglio prints depict creatures from my inner world that embody my most recurring emotions. My inner self is represented as a blank, ghostlike creature with large dark eyes. The figure is often seen accompanied by a fluffy form with a serious expression that represents my family dog. Emptiness and negative space in the background suggest feelings of being overwhelmed. These two characters serve as constants in my inner world. As they move through these prints into different environments, they encounter new creatures representing other emotions.


Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, Elisa Dorsey uses printmaking to make her inner world visible. She is currently earning her BFA in studio art at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she focused on painting and printmaking. She has exhibited her work at the Medici Gallery and is serving as treasurer of Print Club as well as a member of the Painting Club.