Maddie Gaukel

My Capstone Exhibition

For my capstone, I wanted to tell my Grandma’s story of living on a farm, raising seven kids, keeping up with a full house, and how she was able to make something out of nothing and stretch everything out as far as possible, and her ability to do so with a smile and a positive attitude. Because I’m interested in Interaction Design, I decided to make a website to showcase her story. I also wanted to incorporate some animations and drawings and present some of her things like a handmade quilt, a butter churn, an antique table, a dinner plate, some wooden spoons, and a flour sifter, as vehicles to tell her story. I also decided to make her cream cheese mint recipe to bring to the reception, because not only are they one of my favorite recipes that she has, but they also are something memorable. I also designed some napkins to hand out with the mints, with a scannable link to my website on them. I also decided to make some posters to help further my storytelling, and I hung them in handmade reclaimed barnwood frames, further pushing my theme of resourcefulness.  

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