Tiffany Agee

12 Hours, 2022, Oil Paint on Panel, 16×20″

Portrait of Dennis Agee, 2022, Oil Paint on Panel, 6×8″

She’s My Number One, 2022, Oil on Panel, 8×10″

Tiffany Agee

[BFA] Painting

I create small, detailed, paintings that combine vibrant colors with gestural lines to represent members of my family in portraits. In this work, I’m considering the influence of the Vietnam War on my father’s life and health as I process grief and loss. I want the repetitive use of the color orange to invoke thoughts of Agent Orange and its effects on my father’s health, the effects of the Vietnam war on society as a whole and serve as a way to guide us through stages of his life.


Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, Tiffany Agee explores the complex feelings that come along with grief and loss through painting. She earned an Associate of Art degree from Southeast Community College and will complete a BFA in studio art from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in December 2022. Her work has been shown in the 30th Annual Undergraduate Studio Art Competition and the 2022 Capstone Exhibition in University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Eisentrager-Howard Gallery. She was a Gallery Management intern at the Lux Center for the Arts in Summer 2020.